National Geographic: A Star in the East?

They asked, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We’ve seen his star in the east, and we’ve come to honor him.”

Matthew 2:2 (CEB)

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Here it is, the moment for which I know you’ve all been waiting. It might not lead you to the Inn that let Mary and Joseph crash in a stable for the night, but anyone interested in religion should check this out.

The internationally renowned cartographers at National Geographic have created a companion guide to the Common English Bible. The guide accurately puts biblical events, well, on the map. 21 full color maps, to be exact.

The guide has several features that should keep you from getting lost on your biblical journey: a narrative describes what is being shown on each map and even highlights the chapters and verses that are being illustrated. If you’re still lost you can simply thumb to the guide’s index for help.

Or maybe you should contact Garmin.


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