Two Paths Diverged

Alright, some things are going to be changing with TWG. I want to step up the game. The gazette is going to be a monthly publication at this point. This means you will no longer get post by post content, but a compilation of posts formatted like a magazine. I will also be including user submitted content.

I need to do this so I can start circulating print copies. You will still be able to view the content online in PDF format.

So, let me direct your attention to the website for the TRADEWINDGAZETTE magazine.

As for this blog, it will become more of a traditional blog. Content will be related to TWG, just not the actual articles. I will still be posting my thoughts, photos, videos, and maps here. Consider it extra content that I can’t always fit into the printed version.

I need to stop trying to be a one man news team. There are way too many interesting stories happening all over the world and unfortunately I can’t cover it all. Now others can help. Different perspectives will be a GUST of fresh air.

You will also be happy to know I have been pricing new equipment. I need a video camera and directional mic to better capture audio and video, and I would like to get a new lens for my camera. In any case, I look forward to the options these changes can create. Maybe soon I will have a few others in the studio with me.



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