About the Author

I am an artist.

My creations aren’t the type someone would recommend for an art show, or a museum. My music isn’t something that many would want to hear on the radio. Any sculpting I do would probably look like something I brought home from art class in the fourth grade. My photography shows honest effort with no training. The happily rhyming couplets that litter my poetry collection might even make you laugh.

But I’m okay with that.

I am passionate about creation. Give me materials and let me work. Blocks, crayons, a stick in the mud. Mud. A bottle that I can blow air over to produce a single tone. My hands rhythmically slapping my leg. The leg of someone else? There isn’t a material I would refuse.

I am an adventurer.

Geography was the compass that led me to a discipline concerned with describing you, me, and the landscapes that compose the spaces between us, however great or small.

It revealed to me the world in all its intricate, diverse beauty.

Eventually I would like to continue my education so I can research and teach others. Just not yet. Right now I need to set out and experience the world I’ve been studying. I need to get lost so I can meander my way back.

I am a visionary enthusiast.

The “what if” game never got boring for me as a child. I also never outgrew the frequent urge to ask “why.” When my hands are at rest, and sometimes even while they’re busy, my mind paints brilliant images of how things in this world could be.

I am a student.

There’s a lot out there I’ve yet to learn.

Bringer of dreams.

This was one of the many titles of the Greek psychopomp, Hermes. The patron of boundaries and all who cross them. An inspiration for my travels.


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