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While navigation of this site should be rather intuitive, I thought you might like a brief rundown of what you will find in each section. Hopefully I will be able to stick to this layout so it will be easy to track your favorite types of entries.


There’s no place like it, right? Sometimes you even have to get away before you realize how important yours truly is.


Here is where you will find descriptions of the places I visit. This is essentially the review guide for places. I will try to litter these entries with diverse media content. I have included sub-categories as well, in case you are looking for something specific.


This section was formerly called “Remote Sensing.” These entries will always be about places that I am studying or viewing from my computer. Unfortunately I can’t always go to the locations I want to discuss. The downside is that you won’t have ground level information, but the benefit is that I will provide the data needed for you to use your computer to go there yourself. I have two categories within this section: Education/Awareness for sites related to environmental issues, and Vacations for places I think you might want to check out when you’re looking to “get away” for awhile. Check the Geospatial Data box in the sidebar to the right for uploaded data related to these posts.


Assuming I can stay current, this is where I will post events that I see in the news that either have geographic significance, or perhaps could use some geographic context. The TRADEWINDGAZETTE portion will be news pertaining to the site.


I’m not sure how well this section will go over, but I plan to start interviewing people about their favorite places to visit and what they like to do in their spare time.


I like them. You should like them. A well made map can provide an amazing amount of information. Any maps that I find that I really like will be posted here. I will try to explain what I liked about it, or why it is significant. I wouldn’t want you to feel cheated and assume I’m just using this as filler. I will also note when the map I’m posting is of my own creation. Consider it an electronic portfolio and feel free to critique as much as you like.


This is how I could potentially make money without having to ask you for your loose change. In this section I will tell you about the products that I use in my travels and give you a link to where you can buy them on Amazon. In exchange for sending you their way, Amazon will send me a tiny portion of any money they make from you (if you purchase something during that visit). Believe me, I debated for quite some time on if I should include any outlets that would generate money. I don’t want this site to become littered with advertisements any more than you do. This method will allow me to provide a simple but useful service to you, reviewing products, and then if you decide to buy it, you will force Amazon to give me a tip.


These entries might not have anything to do with this site’s theme but it will be inspired by the places I visit. Perhaps a song I’m listening to seems fitting, or I like a quote. I’ll post them. Poetry as well. I’ve been known to dabble in writing poetry, so sometimes it might even be my own.


Here. It’s where you are right now. If you want to know about the significance of the names “TRADEWINDGAZETTE” or “bringerofdreams,” or perhaps want to know more about the author, check this section. I also have provided information on how to make TRADEWIND work for you, or how you can become a sponsor. Finally you will find a collection of free downloads to meet your own geospatial needs.


The facebook icon at the top right of the sidebar will take you to TRADEWIND’s page on facebook. Become a fan and you will get notices whenever I post new entries. You can also participate in any polls that I might post and talk with me in an atmosphere where we don’t have to discuss my latest entry.


If you want email updates click the “WINDS IN YOUR INBOX” button near the bottom of the sidebar. If you are anything like me, you won’t want to do this. The last thing I need is another email waiting for me when I log in, so I would never wish that on you. However, it is here if you want it. I still recommend adding the facebook page as it allows you to have the updates without the inbox clutter.


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