Brought to you by: The all-nighter

Oahu Island location

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It’s 5am and I’m still working on this site. Lucky for me I have you guys around to give me something to do while not being able to sleep. My plane leaves at 4:40pm from the Louisville International Airport. Then I’ve got roughly 24 hours before landing on the island of Oahu.

I suppose it will be fitting if my all-nighter leaves me in a dreamlike state for the entirety of the flight. I will try to scribble down some in-flight musings to share with you when I land.

In the meantime I thought I would take this opportunity to give you some general updates. I will arrive in Honolulu around 1030am on August 31st. The first week there I am going to consider my vacation, so you might not hear from me. If that is the case I will try to unload a few entries on you when I come back to the computer.

TWG has been in the works for a little over a month now. While I haven’t been able to provide all of the content I would like, I think it will be for the better that I started getting everything worked out before my move. In theory I should be able to focus on content when I land, rather than the format and outline of my site.

Time for a confession. . . I created a twitter account for the site. This is a form of technology that I have been refusing to embrace but I thought I would give it a shot. For anyone that is interested in tweets carried by the WINDS: theTWgazette is where you will find them.

I think that is about everything. Start looking for “On Location” entries. A new landscape will provide a burst of inspiration for my writing. Haha, and every place I visit will be new and noteworthy.

Take care and I’ll see you in Hawaii!