The Magic of this Magnificent Moment

“Oke aloha ke kuleana a kahi malihini”  (Love is the host in strange lands)

-Hawaiian saying

Keiki watches a hula dance telling a story about Lili'uokalani

The torch lighting ceremony at Kuhio Beach keeps the spirit of O’ahu (the gathering place) alive.

People of all ages gather from around the world to watch hula and listen to oli (chants) and mele (songs) telling stories that have been told on this island for hundreds of years.

By the end of the ceremony the torches will be lit, surrounding you by the dance of flame and flesh.

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Painted Fusion

Same idea, just different effect. I think I like it better. Might need to bring out Ni’ihau a little more.

I’ll post updates as I start making more detailed maps. That one is to scale, I just haven’t decided where I want to place the scale.

Touchdown Honolulu, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Da Kine

“Place inspires me to be.”


Here are some pictures to tide you over until I am back from vacation. That will be Sunday after I attend the birthday celebration for Queen Lili’uokalani. I have at least one interview and some locations to post. Until then, enjoy ;)

Landing in Honolulu

Light and Dark

Looking into the TRADEWINDs

The surf at Sandy Beach

Sunset viewed from the Windward side of the island